D*Star G2 Registration

dstar If your new to D*Star or maybe someone who’s been listening for a while, you’ll need to get your callsign registered on the server to enable you to connect, route and speak to stations coming through the gateway on GB7ES or any other DStar gateway or repeater.

It’s a simple process, you only need to send us your Call Sign, Full Name, Location and valid email address, and one of our team will arrange to get you registered.  The process is nice and simple, just fill out the form on the register me link below and fill out the form and send if off to us for processing.  A valid email address is important so that we can notify you when registration is complete, so come in and get registered now. If you’ve already had your call registered through another repeater or link your ready to go straight away through GB7ES.

(Please note we are volunteers, but will aim to process your registration as soon as possible)


These things sometimes happen, you publish a page and it works one day to find it stops working the next.

The Registration page is now working properly, Sorry


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