US Trust Server Offline?

As of sometime earlier today, it would appear that the US Trust Server is currently offline as no repeaters across the world are able to report.

This unfortunately means that all gateway traffic is unavailable at this time.  Once the server is back online, then ‘normal’ service should be resumed. This doesn’t mean that the repeater is unavailable, as the gateway does not affect operation of the repeater for local traffic.

Hopefully, this won’t take long, for things to return to ‘normal’

D*Star G2 Registration

dstar If your new to D*Star or maybe someone who’s been listening for a while, you’ll need to get your callsign registered on the server to enable you to connect, route and speak to stations coming through the gateway on GB7ES or any other DStar gateway or repeater.

It’s a simple process, you only need to send us your Call Sign, Full Name, Location and valid email address, and one of our team will arrange to get you registered.  The process is nice and simple, just fill out the form on the register me link below and fill out the form and send if off to us for processing.  A valid email address is important so that we can notify you when registration is complete, so come in and get registered now. If you’ve already had your call registered through another repeater or link your ready to go straight away through GB7ES.

(Please note we are volunteers, but will aim to process your registration as soon as possible)


These things sometimes happen, you publish a page and it works one day to find it stops working the next.

The Registration page is now working properly, Sorry

MB6EB Blog gets a makeover :)

You will have noticed by now that not only has MB6EB had a bit of a makeover with a reformatted design, but also our name has changed too.

With the introduction on GB7ES B into the area, we are now called GB7ES Repeater / MB6EB Gateway.

With GB7ES B now running on-site over the last 8 weeks, and hopefully with the imminent connection of the repeater to the USTrust network, the repeater with it’s improved coverage across East Sussex, is an important addition to the D*Star network.


GB7ES located on-site in Stone Cross, just north of Eastbourne

GB7ES Finally goes back to Site.

Following the small (ish) fire in the building and home of GB7ES and GB3EB back in December 2014 the building works and repairs are finally finished.

2014-12-23 12.47.38GB7ES UHF D*Star repeater  was returned to site today (27/7/2015) and switched on currently in stand alone (repeater) mode, there still is the little job of returning an internet connection to the room which will enable full gateway operation.

I’d like to thank members and supporters of Repeater & Internet Linking Group of East Sussex for their continued support in this project as well as St Lukes Parish Centre.  I’d also like to thank Icom UK for their assistance in making this project a reality.

GB7ES Repeater, Active

At approx 15:00hrs 23/1/15 GB7ES was activated, in low power, stand alone mode.

This means that at the moment to allow a period of testing GB7ES has no Gateway connected, so will not be able for linking or routing at this time.  The gateway is being configured and will be available soon, once the building works are finished on site.

The repeater will work as any other repeater is it’s current state, so have a go and let us know what the signal reports are at your location.

GB7ES Licenced Today


dstarAfter just short of 4 Months, I can today reveal that the Christmas indeed has come early with the arrival of the Licence to install our UHF D*Star Repeater. The repeater will be located at the RILGES GB3EB site at Stone Cross on the outskirts of Eastbourne, East Sussex.



The operating frequencies for the repeater will be:

Repeater TX:          439.4375Mhz

Repeater RX:          430.4375 Mhz (-9Mhz Split)

GB7ES will be gateway enabled, so make sure your radios have the correct RPT1 and RPT2 settings correct to take advantage of this feature.

It is expected to have GB7ES ‘on air’ in the New Year and full details of it’s commissioning process will be updated here.


Seasons Greetings


We’d just like to wish everyone who participates and those who support MB6EB and Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex, Seasons Greetings at this holiday time.

MB6EB is now licenced for continual use throughout 2015 and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

GB7ES (our UHF D*STar Repeater) is still in the licencing process, and we hope to have some updates to it’s progress in the New Year. The Repeater group now has an expanding group of projects under it’s wing, including Analogue, Echolink, Digital and TV repeaters. For more details of the groups activities can be found at their website




GB7ES Repeater progress

Following the proposal submitted on 22nd August 2014 to the ETCC for a licence to establish a Icom D*Star Repeater in East Sussex, the proposal took a step closer to becoming reality today. The Vetting process of the Repeater is now at the Request NOV stage. so we’ll wait and see where this step takes us. Click the link below to follow the vetting process.

d_star_rp2c_rp2000v_small GB7ES will be a UHF D*Star Repeater, located just outside Eastbourne to provide Digital Coverage to the surrounding East Sussex area. proposed gb7es   If you would like to support GB7ES or any of our other Repeaters managed by Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex (RILGES) Please click on the link to find out more or make a donation.

GB3HE Repeater

As part of Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex, We are happy to announce that as from early afternoon on Saturday 21st March, GB3HE, a UHF repeater located in Hastings, East Sussex came back online after nearly a year out of action.

The Repeater which cam under the RILGES umbrella earlier this year, has been returned to service, from a new location, not far from an earlier location on the ridge.  The repeater is currently a temporary repeater, currently running low power (about 8 watts erp) Apart from the low power, reports have already been received by users as far away as London and N Kent, as well as from along the south coast.

Once the permanent repeater has been activated, GB3HE will have Echolink capability returned to it later this year.

If you can hear Gb3HE on 433.350 please let us know at or please use the webpage to support your repeaters.