GB7ES Users :)

Welcome to the new users I have recently seen using GB7ES repeater. I have recently been asked to register a number of ‘new’ DStar users to the system.

One of these ‘new users’ is Owen M0KVI who is based in Hailsham some 4.5 miles ish from the repeater site who is enjoying learning about DStar with his new ‘toy’ an Icom ID51+2.  He recently enjoyed a qso via a Reflector with Kevin 2M0KVM, who videoed the Qso and can be found on YouTube at the following link


Keep enjoying DStar, Owen, and to anyone thinking about taking the ‘plunge’ into Dstar, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me through the website.


New M5 +2letter Callsigns

Ofcom issue M5 + two letter callsign

The UK communications regulator Ofcom has issued what is believed to be the very first M5 + 2 letter callsign – M5ET

John Gascoigne recently passed his Advanced exam and he now has the distinctive callsign M5ET.

Congratulations John

(Text copied from Southgate Amateur Radio News)

We would also like to congratulate John for his successful passing of his Advanced Examination.  John is also Manager of the National Amateur Radio Scout Active Support Unit based at Gilwell Park (Uk Scout HQ) John’s call is also now registered for use on Dplus (Dstar) so keep an ear out for him on the air soon.

Server Restored

Following what appeared to be a fairly complex internet outage across parts of the US yesterday which caused an interruption in access for all the UStrust repeaters worldwide to the US Trust Servers, Yesterday evening (UK Time) Server access was restored.

GB7ES is now reporting successfully with the USTrust Server, so ‘normal operation’ has now been restored.  Have fun and enjoy the repeater 🙂

US Trust Server Offline?

As of sometime earlier today, it would appear that the US Trust Server is currently offline as no repeaters across the world are able to report.

This unfortunately means that all gateway traffic is unavailable at this time.  Once the server is back online, then ‘normal’ service should be resumed. This doesn’t mean that the repeater is unavailable, as the gateway does not affect operation of the repeater for local traffic.

Hopefully, this won’t take long, for things to return to ‘normal’

GB7ES Coverage

I have been having a chat with a number of local amateurs recently about where from and signal levels that they have been receiving the the repeater at their respective locations.  So over the last month I have been doing some ‘basic’ tests using the ‘dprs’ system of sharing gps locations received by the repeater with the aprs network to produce a map representing locations where dstar signal has been received from. I call this a basic way of showing where the repeater is usable from across East Sussex as it depends on a number of factors, conditions, equipment used, etc.  In my car, I’m using an Icom 2820 with a Diamond W770HB antenna on the roof using a magmount.

So after a number of trips around the county by myself and one or two other amateurs running dprs, both planned runs and during everyday trips and journeys we have a map. The map shows coloured squares, the redder the squares the more positions received from that area. The resolution of the squares is ‘fixed’ so I can’t change that, the map is only provided to show an indication of where the repeater is usable, and of course doesn’t show every location and there will be locations shown that worked for me, that may not work of someone else, but that’s the fun of radio, and of course, if your unfortunate to be working from a null then even a few feet difference can make all the difference.

If you have some signal reports that you’d like to share with us, please comment below, we look forward to hearing from you.

2018-03-30 (2)


GB7ES Back online

On the 20th February a new ISP is now running at the repeater site.

Regular users of GB7ES will be aware of recent issues with the network connection on site, and more recently with there being little or no connection at all. Whereas this has been out of our direct control, a new ISP has now taken over on site, with some advice from ourselves, so we are now looking forward to a more stable service.

Thanks again at St Luke’s Parish Centre for their help in this matter and their continued support of RILGES and GB7ES

We are Back

Ok, Ok, Ok Yes it’s been quite a while since we’ve been here, but we’re now back and linked to a new domain too. We can now be found at so remember to update your bookmarks, to stay in touch with the latest news.

I’ve made some changes to the site, some of the information an what was MB6EB has been archived and now GB7ES has been bought to the front line.

Over the last year, things havn’t quite gone to plan at times, inc a HDD failure on the gateway last year. Thanks to Baz (2E1IKB) for the supply of the replacement HDD. We have also been having some connectivity issues recently, but we hope to have some news, hopefully in the next few days.

If you’d like more information on GB7ES, please get in touch with us.

Email us here


D*Star G2 Registration

dstar If your new to D*Star or maybe someone who’s been listening for a while, you’ll need to get your callsign registered on the server to enable you to connect, route and speak to stations coming through the gateway on GB7ES or any other DStar gateway or repeater.

It’s a simple process, you only need to send us your Call Sign, Full Name, Location and valid email address, and one of our team will arrange to get you registered.  The process is nice and simple, just fill out the form on the register me link below and fill out the form and send if off to us for processing.  A valid email address is important so that we can notify you when registration is complete, so come in and get registered now. If you’ve already had your call registered through another repeater or link your ready to go straight away through GB7ES.

(Please note we are volunteers, but will aim to process your registration as soon as possible)


These things sometimes happen, you publish a page and it works one day to find it stops working the next.

The Registration page is now working properly, Sorry