(In 2015 MB6EB was decommissioned and replaced with GB7ES. This page is retained for information only)

On the 9th December 2011, the application for MB6EB, a D-Star digital simplex node for the town of Eastbourne and the surrounding area was submitted to the E.T.C.C. for approval.  After a couple of revisions to the application, the NOV for MB6EB was received at the beginning of February and the Link went ‘live’ that evening.

The simplex node on 2m is located within the town of Eastbourne, and has a useable coverage as far away as Bexhill, Hastings, Broad Oak, Heathfield and across towards Lewes.(local geography permitting)  Have a look at the Coverage page for details.

The purpose of providing this simplex link is to provide D*star digital voice to the town of Eastbourne and the surrounding areas not currently served by the current D*star nodes.  It will enable those with D*star capable radio’s  to fully utilise their equipment. MB6EB features full call sign routing through IRCDDB  and now connection to the Dplus, Dextra and the DCS reflectors.

MB6EB was decommissioned in 2015 with the introduction on GB7ES

3 thoughts on “MB6EB

  1. Just heard about MB6EB via the seahaven yahoo group. Switched on my IC-E92D, changed to DV mode and tuned 144.825 and BAM! there were two mobile stations one in bristol and one in cardiff! This is the first time I have been able to get anything on Dstar at all.
    I’m at Willingdon Triangle and so nicely in the thick of your coverage. Thank you very much for this great resource it is truly appreciated. Using just the supplied helical whip on the E92D MB6EB is a fully quieting and end stop signal sat on the bench in my indoor shack. Now I must program things up properly and learn how to use this puppy 🙂

    Thanks again G1UUP (Andy)

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