MB6EB Equipment used

(In 2015 MB6EB was decommissioned and replaced with GB7ES. This page is retained for information only)

There are a number of choices available when it come to running a link both in terms of hardware and software.

After speaking to a couple of people about types of boards I went for the DutchStar board which with the WinDV software running on a dedicated WIN7 pc has proved to me to be very reliable.

Now running ver. 1.5.2, the software is all in one, giving callsign routing via ircddb, GPS forwarding over the gateway and forwarding to the APRS network, and full linking to DPlus, DExtra, and DCS reflectors so there is always someone to talk to.

Of course, so that you can use your DStar radio, there needs to be a radio, and in this case I decided to use an available amateur radio. Other link owners choose to use exPMR radios, but I had a Yaesu FT7800r which also enabled a simple connection to the node board via it’s 9600kbs packet port on the back. The radio has been checked on a commercial test set for stability and power.

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