GB7ES Coverage

I have been having a chat with a number of local amateurs recently about where from and signal levels that they have been receiving the the repeater at their respective locations.  So over the last month I have been doing some ‘basic’ tests using the ‘dprs’ system of sharing gps locations received by the repeater with the aprs network to produce a map representing locations where dstar signal has been received from. I call this a basic way of showing where the repeater is usable from across East Sussex as it depends on a number of factors, conditions, equipment used, etc.  In my car, I’m using an Icom 2820 with a Diamond W770HB antenna on the roof using a magmount.

So after a number of trips around the county by myself and one or two other amateurs running dprs, both planned runs and during everyday trips and journeys we have a map. The map shows coloured squares, the redder the squares the more positions received from that area. The resolution of the squares is ‘fixed’ so I can’t change that, the map is only provided to show an indication of where the repeater is usable, and of course doesn’t show every location and there will be locations shown that worked for me, that may not work of someone else, but that’s the fun of radio, and of course, if your unfortunate to be working from a null then even a few feet difference can make all the difference.

If you have some signal reports that you’d like to share with us, please comment below, we look forward to hearing from you.

2018-03-30 (2)


One thought on “GB7ES Coverage

  1. Interesting that this confirms that the predicted coverage for the repeater as shown on the original map is just about spot on. Always gratifying when theory and practice back each other up.

    G1UUP Andy

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