GB7ES Equipment

GB7ES is a full Icom Dstar Digital Voice repeater supplied and supported by IcomUK.



The IC-RP2C repeater controller and has the capability of handling up to four RF modules, ID-RP2C repeater controller is the cornerstone of the D-STAR repeater system. This includes basic in-band as well as crossband operation between any of the four digital voice RF modules. In addition to basic control of the RF modules, the RP2C also provides linking capabilities through the Internet.

ID-RP4000V (70cm)

The RP4000V, a UHF digital voice repeater, uses the D-STAR repeater system in 70cm bands.


The Gateway is a PC which provides, Call-sign routing, Repeater and Reflector connections to the repeater.  The computer is a Dell with a 2.8Ghz processor, 2gb RAM, running the Icom G3 Gateway software