New Dstar Gateway in Sussex

With some advice coming from MB6EB, Jamie 2e0jbr has now had licenced MB6ZE, a new 2m node in the town of Hastings.

Operating on a frequency of 144.8375Mhz, and operating like MB6EB, MB6ZE now provides DStar connectivity within Hastings town centre, and the surrounding area, filling a gap and extending the digital network to yet more users in East Sussex.

Well Done Jamie, and we look forward to contacting you soon.

Happy New Year 2015

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It’s here, 2015, the beginning of a brand new year with lots of things going on over the next few months, let alone the next 12.

Come and meet us as part of SERF 2015, which is now just 6 months away. We’ll be part of the Repeater & Internet Linking Group of East Sussex, where you will be able to ask us any questions, or just say ‘Hello’  It’s on the 6th June in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

In addition to MB6EB over the next couple of weeks, we plan to also have operational GB7ES a brand new UHF D*Star repeater for East Sussex.

2014-12-23 12.47.38The Repeater has been collected and tested, Thanks to Don G4TKR and Dave G8PUO for their assistance. The Gateway PC is currently being built and it is hoped to have GB7ES on the air with a couple of weeks, if not sooner.


GB7ES Licenced Today


dstarAfter just short of 4 Months, I can today reveal that the Christmas indeed has come early with the arrival of the Licence to install our UHF D*Star Repeater. The repeater will be located at the RILGES GB3EB site at Stone Cross on the outskirts of Eastbourne, East Sussex.



The operating frequencies for the repeater will be:

Repeater TX:          439.4375Mhz

Repeater RX:          430.4375 Mhz (-9Mhz Split)

GB7ES will be gateway enabled, so make sure your radios have the correct RPT1 and RPT2 settings correct to take advantage of this feature.

It is expected to have GB7ES ‘on air’ in the New Year and full details of it’s commissioning process will be updated here.


MB6EB Licence Renewal

Although it was only yesterday, when the renewal application for MB6EB was sent off to the ETCC ( A section of The Radio Society of Great Britain, RSGB) who deal with the initial stages of licencing of simplex nodes and repeaters here in the UK, It was returned fully licenced for 2015 this afternoon.

Although we (RILGES) have in the Vetting process a fully fledged digital D*Star repeater for the East Sussex area, which we are hoping to receive the licence for very soon following the number of recent clearances to the vetting list. We aim to continue running MB6EB for the foreseeable future, to provide VHF service to supplement the UHF repeater, and to aid in the education of Digital Amateur Radio in the county.


Firmware update for IC 5100 and CS-5100

5100Icom has today announce that there is a firmware update to it’s popular IC-5100 radio and the software for it the CS-5100.

The Release named E2 will solve a couple of issues with using DR mode with analogue repeaters as well as allowing the 5100 to also make use of the Fast Data setting currently found on the 50th Anniversary edition of the ID51 Handy.

Full details of the update can be found here, CLICK HERE


GB7ES Repeater progress

Following the proposal submitted on 22nd August 2014 to the ETCC for a licence to establish a Icom D*Star Repeater in East Sussex, the proposal took a step closer to becoming reality today. The Vetting process of the Repeater is now at the Request NOV stage. so we’ll wait and see where this step takes us. Click the link below to follow the vetting process.

d_star_rp2c_rp2000v_small GB7ES will be a UHF D*Star Repeater, located just outside Eastbourne to provide Digital Coverage to the surrounding East Sussex area. proposed gb7es   If you would like to support GB7ES or any of our other Repeaters managed by Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex (RILGES) Please click on the link to find out more or make a donation.

GB7ES DStar for East Sussex.

On the 22nd August a New Repeater proposal was submitted to cover Eastbourne and the surrounding county of East Sussex.

MB6EB has been providing D*Star connectivity to Eastbourne and the surrounding area for almost a couple of years now, and has seen it’s user base grow over that time.

MB6EB Dashboard can be found here

Working with the Repeater and Internet Linking group of East Sussex over the last year, we are now able to look at providing full D*Star repeater capabilities to the repeater site of GB3EB with the help of of IcomUK.

The predicted coverage map of GB7ES, as produced by ETCC is below.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest information on GB7ES on this site as well as on RILGES site also.

You can keep an eye on the progress of the licencing of GB7ES here.