DCS Reflector Server update

For users of any of the DCS/Xrf Reflectors, you might have noticed that following a recent upgrade to the servers,  that things are not quite as they were previously. i.e. no one can hear you.

A few years ago CCS4 was introduced to the DCS network as an alternative to the G2 call sign routing that enabled users to each have a dtmf code ‘attached’ to their call sign, this started in Germany where the DCS reflector network was developed and grew very quickly. As this system developed over the years the large uptake of CCS4 soon started to outstrip supply, so an updated system was needed with greater capacity.

CCS7 was developed to provide a 7 digit DTMF for each user, similar to that used for DMR digital voice network.  This provides a much increased dtmf availability for new users to DStar system.  This also meant the end of DCS4 with users needing to register for a CCS7 code. For more information on CCS7 click here http://ham-digital.net/html/ccs7-ENG.html

If you don’t have a CCS7 then you will no longer be able to speak through the DCS reflectors.  The Image below shows some users who currently don’t have a CCS7 so although their call signs are showing on the dashboard NO VOICE NO CCS7!! in their message, and their are not being heard across the gateway.


To Register for CCS7 is a simple process, First you need to goto http://ham-digital.net/ click on Register a individual call sign followed by entering your call sign in the space below and then clicking OK.

On the next page you will need to enter a bit more information about yourself, (Name, Address, Email, etc) and after you’ve click ok again, you will need to attached a copy of the front page of your licence for verification purposes. Your licence document is 20+ pages but you only need to send the first page. Windows PC’s will allow you to ‘print’ to a document which will allow you to generate a single page document of the first page of your licence, which you then attach to this page of the registration process.

Click on OK again and your application is processed, and you should see on the screen that your application has been processed showing your CCS7 number and later an email to confirm this.

That’s it, when your done your should be able to use the DCS reflectors again as you did before. Once you’ve completed this, Yes you’ll be able to use any of the repeaters/nodes connected to DCS with your call sign.

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