GB3HE Repeater

As part of Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex, We are happy to announce that as from early afternoon on Saturday 21st March, GB3HE, a UHF repeater located in Hastings, East Sussex came back online after nearly a year out of action.

The Repeater which cam under the RILGES umbrella earlier this year, has been returned to service, from a new location, not far from an earlier location on the ridge.  The repeater is currently a temporary repeater, currently running low power (about 8 watts erp) Apart from the low power, reports have already been received by users as far away as London and N Kent, as well as from along the south coast.

Once the permanent repeater has been activated, GB3HE will have Echolink capability returned to it later this year.

If you can hear Gb3HE on 433.350 please let us know at or please use the webpage to support your repeaters.



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