Sussex-Wide D*Star Net

Across Sussex both East and West there are now quite a lot of D*Star users with Repeaters and a number of simplex nodes across the county.

I was thinking of utilising what we have to set up a regular ‘Sussex Net’ which as well as linking up like-minded digital users, would also act as a local ‘help’ point for new users as well as a ‘live forum’ that users could exchange ideas and discuss ways of improving the ‘network’ locally or whatever comes up.

Within the DCS Reflectors there already is a reflector for the south (DCS005S) which we could use for this. My original thought of a simplex net could still take place but by using a reflector it would enable others outside of simplex range and those using DV-Dongles and DVAP to take part.

I would suggest perhaps a weekday evening for this, but all ideas are welcome. What do you think????  Drop me a line at with your thoughts and ideas.

Paul M0LRE

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